Friday, 24 May 2013

What would Nicky do??

Nicky is my slim friend. She's a slim person. She always has been and always will be.

She loves food. Her favourite shop is the local deli where she spends hours deciding on what cheese, dip, bread, wine, pastry, pâté she's going to buy.

She loves chocolate. She loves wine. She loves cheese. She loves cheesecake.

And... She's slim. And always will be.

And before you assume "good genes" ... Let me tell you this... Genes has nothing to do with.

Nicky eats what she wants when she's hungry. And Nicky stops when she's full.

If Nicky is replete from a delicious cafe meal at lunch... And she's not hungry at dinner time... She simply won't eat.


Not eat dinner?!!!

But it's dinner time!!!!

But that's why Nicky is slim. That's why Nicky can eat what she wants.

The fatchance! Workbook shows us how to be just like Nicky.

What would Nicky do?

She eats when she's hungry. And stops when she's full.

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