Saturday, 4 May 2013

Road trips. I used to think .... Ooo what am I going to eat? Lollies in the glovebox. Pie and donut stops. And then feasting at our destination. Because... It's a road trip right? For some reason I honestly thought that I couldn't have fun without food.
Then I'd come back home full, bloated, miserable and all my clothes were tight. From one weekend!!!

Well... I'm on a road trip now and wow have things changed.

The fat chance! workbook has made me see triggers ... Triggers like a road trip.

And it has shown me a way around and out of the senseless eating.

Apparently you can still have fun without eating all the crap!

I've had the best weekend. And yes there's been food. But delicious nourishing food... And because I haven't eaten till I burst... Even the coming home is going to be great.

My life used to be consumed with food and dieting.

Not now.

Not now!!!

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