Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I have been so stuck in my ways. I would starve myself until midday. Because midday is when you have lunch right?

But I'm hungry at 10 am. And my Fat Chance! Workbook has helped me see that I can and should eat when I'm hungry.

So for the last two days I've been having lunch at 10am.

Two things have happened as a result. I eat waaaaay less at that time. Maybe a third less than what I would've eaten had I waited for lunch. And the other thing... I'm not even slightly hungry until 3pm. I can't explain it. I used to eat more at midday and be hungry by 2pm.

All I can say is I've thrown out my old and tired and out of date and totally irrelevant rule book and embraced the new rules.

Eat when I'm hungry. Stop when I'm full.

Curry and rice at 10am tomorrow!!!

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