Monday, 25 March 2013

It Works...

Incredible stories from people who have started or completed the Fat Chance! Workbook

"I have had many attempts at losing weight and getting fit but they all failed and I ended up back where I started and more. The TV ad was what got me started. When I realised that the book contained a 12 week programme and was interactive, I thought, "Yes, this is what could just work for me". I was not in a good place emotionally and had put on a lot of extra weight because I didn't seem to want to help myself. I had given up. I was feeling sorry for myself. Then the idea that we should eat like a slim person just made sense me.
I am a narrative therapist and part of narrative therapy is to tap into the "untold" story. There was a story about me that was not being told, a story of energy, good skin, a slim figure and a kind gentle, passionate person who showed a keen interest in everything. That person was lost in rolls of fat and helplessness.
I am now on week three and I have lost over 6 kgs.When I feel tempted to eat, I just remind myself of my goal of 77 kgs and ask myself, "Why do you want to eat? Are you really hungry or just sad or angry?"
I am loving the book and the sensible and long term approach to changing myself. I am going to sign up for the Auckland ½ marathon on November.
Thank you so much for this wonderful gift of life."

"Well I achieved my goal, in fact I went from 85.5kg down to 64.5, a loss of 21kgs in 11 months with many thanks to you and your book! It has been life changing! "

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