Saturday, 16 March 2013

I had forgotten what I loved to do. What made me happy. I had muted that for so long with food that I just couldn't hear it any more.

My Fat Chance! Workbook has asked me to stop seeing food and eating as important. What else is important in my life?

So ... I've written the list. And I've made sure that food does not feature. Even in the top 10.

High on the list... Family. Making my family happy and giving my boys the best possible life.

Some surprising things made it to the list... Knitting and a clean and tidy house are important to me!

So yesterday... When ALL I wanted to do was EAT I wrote a list of all the jobs around the house I've been meaning to get on to. And I decided to do one of those instead of eat.

I now have a sparkly clean and organised laundry that would make Martha Stewart's eyes water. And I feel proud. And I love walking in there. And I didn't eat.

If you've muted your "loves" with food... Read this book. Set yourself free and be the slim person you've always wanted to be.

This is for life.

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