Thursday, 28 March 2013

I fell off and fell down last night.

Everything was ticking along nicely... Good breakfast. Healthy lunch. Not thinking about food.

Then... Smack. Out of nowhere I was eating. Eating for no reason. And then I felt bad... So I are some more. Then I felt angry at Fat Chance! and decided I didn't need it anymore. I was better than the workbook. If I wanna eat... I'm gonna eat.

Of course... You must know how I felt this morning. Sad. Overwhelmingly sad. Food had pushed aside everything good and important to me in a second and took control.

That's why this workbook is a 12 week programme. I DO need my workbook. I am NOT better than my work book.

It's tough to admit it.

I ran this morning. On Good Friday. I didn't have hot cross buns with butter for breakfast. I had porridge. And now I feel good again. Now I feel strong against food.

It sure is a work in progress.

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