Saturday, 9 February 2013

What's the worst that can happen?


And when you're on a diet... You get that a lot. Constricting your calories not only makes you hungry but it also makes you obsess over food. When am I allowed to eat next???? And you'll do anything to avoid feeling hungry.

Today, my Fat Chance! Journal is asking me to think about hunger. To really be aware of hunger. There are so many different levels of hungry. So today it's about waiting for hunger. Not avoiding it. And seeing how that really feels. What's the worst that can happen.

This is Day 3 of my journal and I have made the most significant discovery and breakthrough. With just a few words... Only one sentence... My work book has blown apart a belief that had a hold of me. A belief I didn't even know I had. This is significant.

Please get the book. I want this for you.

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