Thursday, 14 February 2013

Watch slim people.  Watch them.   They are above food.  They're not a slave to food.  They don't think about food.  They don't bow to food.  If I were food around a slim person ... I'd feel dismissed and unloved. 

I work with a slim person and I've been watching them all week.  I was completely and utterly flabbergasted by two things they always did.

Firstly ... even though they had been saying they were REALLY hungry, when their lunch was in front of them ... it sat there.  For AT LEAST 5 minutes.  5 MINUTES!!! A tray of sushi... just sittin' there. Beggin' to be eaten.  If that tray of sushi was under my nose I would have inhaled it  - probably through my nose. See? THEY are in charge.  NOT food. 

Secondly ... They DIDN'T FINISH! One and half pieces of sushi.  Just left.  I asked them ... "Are you going to finish that sushi?" Do you know what they said???

"Nope.  I'm full."

Flabbergasted.  When has "full" ever stopped me? 

To be a slim person ... we gotta start thinking and acting like a slim person.

If you want to be better than food, if you don't want to be a slave to food, then read the book.  You can get the workbook or do the on line programme.  It's 40 bucks.  That's it.  No weekly fees or special food or membership to pay.  Just buy the book.

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