Friday, 8 February 2013


Years and years and years and years of dieting. Restrict calories until I've reached my goal weight and then increase calories a bit more to maintain.

That's all I've known. And I've trusted and used that system because it worked. It really did. Every time I had to do it... Because every time I did it I'd put weight back on. But still... It was all I knew.

Fat Chance! Is asking me to throw that out and never ever diet again.

I'm scared. I don't trust myself. I've only ever trusted the diet.

But hang on... What has the diet ever done for me? Made me moody, feel like a failure, sucked the fun out of everything.

Yet still I trusted it.

So Fat Chance is asking me to trust myself.

This will be the most significant change I'll make.

I had a glimpse of what life would be like without The Diet. It looks good. It looks incredible. So if that means trusting myself ... I'm gonna give that a go.

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