Monday, 18 February 2013

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Break. Through.

Went to bed last night without the battle. You know...the "I really want something sweet with my cup of tea" battle.

That battle ends either two ways.

The first way... If you're lucky... Ends with you not caving in but wound up and frustrated and angry and HUNGRY and hating the bloody diet and you know you are so close to the inevitable "give up" and that makes you devastated and all you can see is a life like this ahead of you.

The second way... You cave. You have a biscuit. Then you have another one. Then finish the packet. Then you have a bowl of muesli. Then you eat the kids snack bars. Then you have some toast. With butter. Then you start on the cooking chocolate. And then you realise what's happened and all you see is a life like this ahead of you.


Break. Through. No battle last night. I didn't even realise until I woke up this morning with the most incredible feeling of calm and peace. It's only because I'm writing about my journey that I noticed.

Please read the book. It's 40 bucks. It's written by the most wonderful, gentle, caring kiwi woman who has a true purpose. To help me. And to help you.

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