Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Let's get this done.

We know what to do.  We know how it works.

Eat Less.  Move More.

Yes, yes.  We know.

We know how it works because we've done it before.

But here we are again.  We've eaten everything there is to eat.  Including the cooking chocolate, and the kids little bags of chippies.  We've shoved it all in to our gobs, fully expecting fulfillment at the deepest level.  But no.  Yet again ... nothing.  No fulfillment.

And so, here we are again.  Start the diet tomorrow.  Sign up at the gym.  Try that detox the girls at work are on.  Deep down knowing it will all just end up here.

Are you done? I'm done.  Done with this way of living.

Have you got it yet?  "fat chance!"? Get it.  Read it.  And let's get this done.

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